Interior Design


For several years now, the Interior Design Team of Environs has been captivating clients with impeccable design. They are successful because they understand that, despite their different tastes in style, all clients are ultimately looking for a home their family can feel comfortable in and be proud of. Additionally, they need a home that can travel through time with them. As their children grow older and their needs change, their home needs to accommodate their lifestyle.


To ensure the client’s home conveys a fluid concept, their process coincides with the overall design-build process, and they design all rooms of the house, including outdoor spaces. Starting first in collaboration with the architect team, they determine features from floor plans to crown-molding. While construction is underway, they address furnishings and decor. Whatever your vision, they will reinvent the latest trends and creating design options which are unique to you. Our interior design team is not primarily interested in the latest trends. Their true inspiration is planted by the client. And because they recognize that the story each home tells is completed by its details, they meticulously select the finishing touches to ensure a finished home which is absolutely compelling.


After you’ve selected your favorites, they will order all parts and pieces, and coordinate delivery--keeping you up-to-date on progress. As things come together, the team is happy to discuss progress on designs or to address any changes that may come up. They understand that design has the power to improve our experiences, and they see no better way to make a difference than within the home. The end product of each project is evidence of earnest collaboration between client and interior designer which integrates personal tastes, anticipated lifestyle adjustments, and professional expertise.