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OUR TEAM possesses a remarkable aptitude for identifying client expectations and delivering homes with nonpareil precision.

Since 1991, we have been leaving an impression on the prestigious neighborhoods of Chicago with customized homes that capture our client’s style and embrace the heart of their communities.

We create houses with an innovative design and a straightforward purpose because we understand that the design of a house should flow with the routine of its residents. By applying expert techniques with superior materials and features, we provide a balanced and luxurious environment.

Our houses are unrivaled. We build them recognizing that they become homes only as the families within them create memories. After stepping foot in an Environs home, you will never be able to perceive others in the same fashion again.




Available Homes

Visit our model Sunday, November 3rd, from 11 am to 1 pm at 3938 N Greenview for information on all Environs luxury homes!

The Schubert Pointe Sales Center is located at 3060 N Lincoln Avenue. Please email us to schedule an appointment and learn more about Schubert Pointe, our 1110 W. Schubert condominiums!

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1821 Howe




Our Process


At Environs, the design-build process is an art we have mastered.


A former client compared us to a Swiss watch, and the devil is in the details. Our process is meticulously planned to ensure the creation of your dream home without complication.

To support you each step of the way, we gather a personalized team consisting of an in-house architect, a design coordinator, and a construction manager--all headed by a project manager who safeguards the smooth progress of your project through regular communication with you and careful supervision of your team.




Interior Design


Our Interior Design Team delivers knockout end product for each client due to their dedication to the client's preferences, and thorough integration into the overall design-build process.






East Meets West

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Modern Traditions

Parisian Accents

Modern Facade





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